Quality counts

The company "Cardiax-Plus" LLC is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of meat products from Moldova. Since its founding, in July 2006, and until today, the most important feature of our product quality is exceptional and the trend towards a service impeccable. The aim of the company is the first of all consumer requirements, which daily are becoming increasingly demanding.
For proper goals and tasks set they were involved the best specialists relying on Western practice. Ie it allows the company to maintain the highest level.

Meat products of the company "Cardiax-Plus" SRL are well known delicacies "Meat House" that are made from the best varieties of meat, the latest technological lines and according to exclusive recipes. This is an unchangeable principle for a high quality product. The thoroughness of the selection of meat and spices used by our specialists can be compared with the choice of grape vines by winemakers.

Quality standards "Meat House" are extremely high, even if in some cases we conservatişti, ie it allows the company to Evolution keeping at the same time, the high level of quality. For our partners, such as care and responsibility principles makes sense quite concretely. The well-known adage "you cook for your family as" the most representative approach - because our relatives and friends are indeed consumers of products "Meat House".
Taste of "Meat House" will only regret that you have not tried sooner !!!